Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Belle Choi
a month ago-
My family members are all patients at Homer Dental Centre. We originally decided to become patients at this office after reading all the Google Reviews. Just as mentioned by all the reviewers, Dr. Moji Motamedian and her staff provide amazing dental care as well as pleasant service overall. Each staff is very sensitive to patients’ financial and health concerns and addresses every concern as their own. Homer Dental Centre has a very friendly and welcoming environment: even with an English barrier, my mother finds the office and their procedures clear. She feels very comfortable as everything has been done under her consent.

I also had an amazing opportunity to shadow Dr. Moji Motamedian as a pre-dental student. Her care for her patients and the hygiene of her office is extraordinary. Before and after her patients come in, she works behind the scene to make sure if she’s given her best at each one’s visit. Dr. Motamedian cares each patient’s’ oral health more than anything. Not only that, she cares for good clinical care enough to voluntarily take in pre-dental students to educate and foster their future and motivation for better practice. I am grateful to have someone like her as my family dentist.


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