Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Canadian Dental insurance

Do You want to know more about your dental insurance? What kind of options are out?

This is a rather large topic. We are writting just a snippet of an overview to help people being to understand their dental heal insurence options. The adoption of the Canadian Health Act in 1984 meant Canadians across the country were given access to basic health services. There were some notable exemptions against the vast array of services offered most especially dental. Canadians either pay out of pocket for dental services or contribute to a health plan. These plans are acquired through a group plan from employers or personally.
According to the latest Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), 62% of Canadian have private dental insurance. This means that a third of Canadians do NOT have dental insurance. For families in the lower income brackets in British Columbia, who qualify for MSP premium assistance, they have access to the Healthy Kids program which covers $1400 of basic dental services every two years.
Shifting towards private health insurance options, Pacific Blue Cross has a stand-alone dental insurance that lower cost monthly but only covers 60% of cost for the first year. Though this coverage increases to 80% by the third year. The rate starts at $29 for a single person to $96 for a family. Comparing insurance quotes is not the focus of this article.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach since everyone is in a unique situation. Each family needs to evaluate how their budget can fit the plan as well as emergencies. Comparing the monthly cost to the coverage stated in the plan will help families decide. Some plans may be more expensive monthly but have no wait time before they are enacted which may be helpful depending on the circumstances. Thankfully insurances websites make it easy to have multiple quotes open so families can quickly compare and find the best plan for them.

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